Oettingen: Personnel development program donations awarded to equestrian, shooting and music clubs

Professional equestrian sport, rifle training for sport marksmen and supporting musical youth work: The voluntary projects supported by Daniel Stark, Matthias Riegel and Volker Kirsch, the latest winners of the personnel development program at the Oettingen brewery site, are nothing if not diverse!

From left to right: Georg Biller (Head of Logistics), Daniel Stark (Dispatch), Matthias Riegel (Fleet Management) and Pia Kollmar (Managing Director) 

With his donation of EUR 850, Daniel Stark is supporting the Pferdefreunde Gerolfingen equestrian association, offering a timely boost to a project that has long been in the pipeline in the process. The association will invest the money in a vaulting belt for 14 year-old gelding Rantanplan, who was trained as a vaulting horse by the Pferdefreunden Gerolfingen and who will now receive his own vaulting kit. 

Thanks to the donation from the OeTTINGER personnel development program won by Matthias Riegel, the Schützenverein Bergquell Röckingen 1965 e.V. shooting club will now be in a position to buy new equipment for its activities with young people: The association will invest its EUR 850 in new jackets and trousers for sport marksmen training and extra ammo.

A further EUR 850 has been awarded to Volker Kirsch’s chosen project SFZ Musikzug Meckesheim e.V.: The musicians are keen to improve the association’s work with their youngest members by providing new written music resources. There is also some money left over for a new club uniform.

Many congratulations to the latest winners of the OeTTINGER personnel development program at our Oettingen brewery site!

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