A circus, lectures and respirators: Just some of the ways in which the proEli Association supports Elisabeth Hospital

Basic healthcare is of central importance to every patient who has to go into hospital. However, comfortable surroundings are just as important. Every patient wants to feel as much at home as possible when in hospital.This is just one of the tasks of the proEli Association at the Elisabeth Hospital in Rheydt, North Rhine-Westphalia.

OeTTINGER employee Susanne Esser has been an active member of the association since 1990. Involvement in the proEli Association runs in the family: Her father-in-law was very involved as hospital manager and helped to start the initiative. “Pictures or medical equipment which aren’t necessarily essential but which are extremely useful for treating and caring for patients are not provided by the council or by health insurance companies”, says Susanne. “This is why organizations such as proEli are so important, as well as the EUR 1,250 donation which we have received from OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach’s personnel development program.”

A device for bioelectrical impedance analysis (fat measurement), monitors for intensive care and a mobile respirator are just some of the devices which the proEli Association has provided in recent years. Susanne explains: “OeTTINGER’s donation will be used to buy pictures to decorate the new patient rooms in the extension”. However, the members of the proEli Association also handle medical issues and constantly educate themselves in this area. The program includes lectures for members who are interested in learning about certain issues as well as workshops on specific equipment. Earlier this year, both senior consultants at Elisabeth Hospital helped Susanne and her colleagues to familiarize themselves with the “DaVinci” OP computer, which is used in urology and abdominal surgery.

However, in addition, the members sometimes support the hospital by laying on lavish entertainment for the patients. Over a period of several days, an interactive circus provided an unforgettable experience for children suffering from diabetes: “The children’s beaming faces at the closing show said more than a thousand words”, says Susanne.

A total of EUR 1,250 has also been donated to Alexander Ostrowski, who will give the money to the Lövenich sport and gymnastics club for its 100 year anniversary celebrations. A portion of the money will also contribute towards putting together a new senior team.

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Treasurer Herbert Schiffer (front left), Managing Director Veronika Heuser and OeTTINGER employees Susanne Esser and Alexander Ostrowski receive the donation check from Jürgen Brunacker, Mönchengladbach Site Manager. 
Senior consultant Dr. Röpcke, head of anesthesia and intensive care, with the mobile respiratory device provided by the proEli Association. Also pictured: Treasurer Herbert Schiffer (left), Managing Director Veronika Heuser and hospital manager Franz-Josef Esser.