Portrait: Almuth Hebel, Food Technician


  • Site: Gotha
  • Qualification: Food Technician
  • Department: Quality Assurance
  • At OETTINGER: since 1974


I have been working here for almost 40 years. I was thrilled to be able to continue working here when the former brewery was acquired by OETTINGER at the start of the 1990s. That means that I was able to continue my dream job as a laboratory technician and am still working in the same department today. Here in Quality Assurance we check and ensure that our products meet the specified quality requirements. This starts with an inspection of incoming goods and ends with the finished product. There are countless production steps in between where we take samples and analyse them: for instance when producing the hopped wort, in the fermentation and storage cellar, in the filtration cellar and at each of the bottling plants. We then examine in our laboratory whether all the values of the samples are correct and whether the quality meets our requirements. That does not mean that I stand around in the laboratory all day. Practically every month I find myself at another station working on something else. Currently I am working in Microbiology. All the samples that come from the different sections land on my desk in the morning. They have to be registered, examined and evaluated.


The great thing about OETTINGER: We don’t just produce beer but sell a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages too. The range is not boring – and neither is working here. In the early days we did a lot of the work manually. Today state-of-the-art equipment performs much of the work for us in the laboratories, so that our figures can be ascertained even more precisely.


When my grandchildren visit we like drinking Original OeTTINGER Glorietta Apfel-Schorle. Otherwise my preferred tipple is generally an Original OeTTINGER Pils.


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