Anniversary: "Goldene Ochse" has been serving OeTTINGER beer for 20 years

Representatives of OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH thanked the landlords, the Jung-Bissinger family, for their good cooperation over 20 years in November 2018.

As a symbol of togetherness and gratitude, Pia Kollmar presented the landlord, Anita Jung-Bissinger, with a bouquet of flowers and presented a certificate to son Michael, who, as Chef de Cuisine, is responsible for the cuisine and is now the fourth generation to run the “Goldene Ochse”.

Thanks to its location between the regions of Swabia and Franconia, the kitchen of the “Goldene Ochse“ lists specialist dishes from the Ries region as well as Franconian delicacies and Swabian dishes on its menu. Guests appreciate its regional and seasonal cuisine as well as a well-pulled glass of beer. Many regulars also attend the traditional battle game as guests of the Jung-Bissinger family. The Goldene Ochse inn also serves afternoon tea and serves an attractive range of home-made cakes and tortes.

A long row of annual OeTTINGER Brewery pitchers is lined up above the bar of the “Goldene Ochse”. An impressive symbol of the close ties between the two companies that go back many years.

From left to right Pia Kollmar (OeTTINGER Brewery shareholder), Anita Jung-Bissinger (Landlady), Ingrid Kollmar (OeTTINGER Brewery shareholder), Michael Jung-Bissinger (Chef de Cuisine at the Goldene Ochse) and Herbert Piechatschek (Gastro-Service OeTTINGER Brewery / Photo: Meike Adolf).



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