Award-winning beer taste: Five DLG medals for the OeTTINGER brewery's beers

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) awarded five gold medals to OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH in Mönchengladbach for the quality of its products.

The DLD awarded a gold medal to the following OeTTINGER beers in the 2016 International Quality Test for Beers and Beer-mix Drinks:

  • Original OeTTINGER Alt
  • Original OeTTINGER Bock
  • Original OeTTINGER Export
  • Original OeTTINGER Pils
  • Original OeTTINGER Schwarzbier

The Quality Test

The DLG Food Test Centre inspects the quality of beers and beer-mix drinks every year with a beer analysis and a test of its biological shelf-life. In the beer analysis, the experts check the wort, stability of the foam, colour and degree of cloudiness of the beer, among other things. In the final sensory tests, the experts assess whether the odour and taste qualities of the beer are typical for the specific type of beer. The sensory quality assessment determines what is known as the “flavour value”, crucial for the acceptance of a product by consumers.


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