Braunschweig: Personnel development program benefits school booster club and MTV cheerleaders

Huge celebrations and great big jumps for joy at our Braunschweig site – all thanks to the OeTTINGER personnel development program. The available sum was split and will benefit two clubs, both of which are dedicated to promoting healthy exercise.

The club that is close to the heart of Vanessa Vogel (Production) is all about handstands, bridges and flips: Vanessa is supporting the cheerleading squad at the Braunschweiger Männer-Turnverein von 1847. With her EUR 1,250 she is delighted to be able to buy a much-needed twelve meter-long gymnastics floor mat.

Jörg Zeretzke (Bottling) is involved with the school booster club of the Giordana-Bruno-Gesamtschule in Helmstedt. His donation will be used to buy a new climbing frame and rope course, with which the boys and girls will soon be able to let off some steam.

The donation checks were awarded by Site Manager Siegfried Hanisch: “The check presentation is always a very special moment that reminds us just how committed our employees are. This time, we were able to support two projects which encourage children to get involved with sports and fitness activities. This is especially important work and the OeTTINGER Brewery personnel development program is absolutely delighted to come alongside these two clubs.”

About the OeTTINGER personnel development program.

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Two employees delighted to receive the symbolic checks awarded by Site Manager Siegfried Hanisch (center): Jörg Zeretzke (Bottling) and Vanessa Vogel (Production).
Let’s go! The Braunschweiger Männer-Turnverein von 1847 cheerleaders are delighted with their new gymnastics floor mat.