Braunschweig: Personnel development program offers cause for celebration at two sports clubs

Keeping up a worthwhile tradition: More or less precisely six years ago, we fired the proverbial starting pistol for the OeTTINGER Brewery personnel development program. Since then, we have regularly honored the voluntary work undertaken by our staff, with EUR 2,500 on offer per quarter and location for charitable initiatives.

At our Braunschweig location, Andreas Grap and Thomas Brehm were delighted to receive EUR 1,250 each for their clubs at the start of the new year. Once again, the focus has been on recreational sport.

Andreas Grap received his symbolic check for the Neumühler Sportverein e.V darts club. The money will be used to purchase a professional electronic darts board, which will soon be used in league competitions.

Thomas Brehm dedicates some of his free time to TTV 1976 Kaltensundheim. The table tennis club intends to use the money from the OeTTINGER Brewery personnel development program to purchase table tennis edging tape and a portable music system, which in the future will also be used at district, county and state table tennis tournaments. And of course, all being well, it will be used to play victory songs such as the classic Queen anthem “We Are the Champions”!

Many congratulations to the winners of the OeTTINGER personnel development program at our Braunschweig location!

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Outstanding commitment: (From the left) Andreas Grap (Head of Logistics/Dispatch), Thomas Brehm (Production) and Philipp Zoch (Head of Production).