Braunschweig: Triple support for Voluntary Fire Service

It becomes especially clear how important the Voluntary Fire Service is particularly at the hottest time of the year: there is the highest possible alert level for the “risk of forest fires” throughout almost the whole of Germany. In the event of a fire breaking out, the volunteer firemen often prevent something worse from happening.

In this respect as well, the OeTTINGER Brewery’s employee development scheme at the Braunschweig site has also been “right on target”. Siegfried Hanisch, Head of Plant Engineering and Construction, presented three symbolic cheques, each of which will benefit the work of the Voluntary Fire Service. Sven Hilgendag (Schandelah Youth Fire Service), Mario Behrens (Liedingen Youth Fire Service) and Jörn Schneider (on behalf of Rolf Krabel / Hornburg Voluntary Fire Service) were thrilled to receive the cheques.

Siegfried Hanisch with Sven Hilgendag, Mario Behrens and Jörn Schneider.

OeTTINGER wishes all employees continued success and would like to thank them for their dedicated voluntary work.

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