Braunschweig: Voluntary fire service and young football talent are delighted to receive donations from The OeTTINGER personnel development program

Voluntary work is something that is close to the hearts of most of our employees, as proven on a regular basis by the donations made by the OeTTINGER personnel development program at our sites. This is also the case in Braunschweig, where the available sum of EUR 2,500 has now been awarded.

Julian Burgo González (Dispatch) will use his donation to support the Hemkenrode Voluntary Fire Service. The EUR 1,250 will be invested in turnout gear, equipment and training materials for the next generation of firefighters.

The club in which Jens Krämer (Production) is involved is also committed to fostering the next generation of talent: The Turnerbrüderschaft Wendhausen 1910 e.V. is using its donation to buy goals for its newly built football pitch for its U9 and U11 players. They will also soon be getting uniform training kit.

The symbolic checks were awarded by Head of Production Philipp Zoch and Site Manager Siegfried Hanisch. Technical Site Manager Siegfried Hanisch says: “The voluntary projects in which our employees take part are very varied, but they always foster a sense of community spirit in the region. This is not a matter of course, but rather social sustainability and every donation makes us incredibly excited. We would like to thank the winners of the OeTTINGER personnel development program for their exceptional commitment and wish them all the best as they use their donations to support these projects which are close to their hearts.”

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Four OeTTINGERs working for a good cause (from left to right): Philipp Zoch (Head of Production), Julian Burgo González (Dispatch), Jens Krämer (Production) and Siegfried Hanisch (Site Manager)