Chill out with HEMP-TO-GO: Welcome to Hanfkiss Straight 4.7!

The Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss product family, an innovative range of drinks featuring punchy notes of hemp, has a brand-new addition. Alongside the beer-mix drink launched on the market back in the summer, OeTTINGER Brewery’s festival drink will now be available as a Vollbier-strength variant, namely Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss Straight 4.7.

“We are now adding a stronger ‘big brother’ to our beer-mix drink, which has already achieved cult status, with the launch of Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss Straight 4.7. It also features an equally winning and refreshingly different flavor”, says Peter Böck, Sales Director of OeTTINGER Brewery. In addition to a higher alcohol content (abv 4.7%), this is a Vollbier distinguished by intensely aromatic herby-hemp notes. Böck adds: “As is the case with the lighter beer-mix Hanfkiss variant, we have again used our popular, subtly-hopped OeTTINGER Helles and 100% organic hemp seed extract, which does not exceed the maximum permissible content of 0.2% that applies in Germany, as the basis of Hanfkiss Straight 4.7.“

HEMP-TO-GO – the perfect choice for any occasion

OeTTINGER has also made some changes in terms of the vessels it uses, with a greater number of options having been introduced here. Both Hanfkiss variations are now available in on-trend 330ml long-neck reusable glass bottles in handy six packs. The lightweight, practical bottles are ideal for when you are out and about. The classic Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss has also been available in 330ml cans since summer 2019. This makes Hanfkiss the perfect choice for any occasion.

A product family with a bright future

“We identified the enormous potential of Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss from the outset, making Hanfkiss Straight 4.7 a logical next step for us. In Germany, the use of hemp in food and beverage products is still relatively uncommon, but we are firmly convinced that there is no stopping this trend”, Böckexplains. “Both our Hanfkiss variations are unique and distinctive. After all, we remain the only brewery working with these particular blends at the moment. The slightly bitter edge to the hemp aroma is a perfect match with our OeTTINGER Helles. It’s definitely worth a try!”

Finding out where Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss and Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss Straight 4.7 are available to buy could not be easier. Simply follow this link:


Chill out together: Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss Straight 4.7 (left) is the new, stronger big brother of the milder, more subtle Original OeTTINGER Hanfkiss festival drink. Both products are now available in 330ml long-neck reusable glass bottles.


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