Congratulations on passing the Master Craftmaster's Exam!

Honour where honour is due! Managing Director Dr. Andreas W. Boettger and shareholder Pia Kollmar congratulated Sophia Piechatschek on passing her Master Craftsperson’s examination as an Industrial Master Craftsperson in Food Technology.

“You did magnificently,” praised Pia Kollmar, in the knowledge that passing the exam had required two long years of hard work.

The on-the-job training to becoming an Industrial Master Craftsperson in Food Technology at the Doemens Akademie in Gräfelfing involves all production steps from production, processing and bottling right through to packaging. The tasks and work of an Industrial Master Craftsperson in Food Technology include compliance with food and hygiene regulations, production planning, optimisation of work processes and the deployment of personnel. Engineering Director Dr. Andreas W. Boettger needs employees with this precise skill set and knowledge for the production of high-quality beers and alcohol-free beverages.

The Master Craftsperson’s Certificate, safeguarding jobs and the company’s future: Dr. Andreas W. Boettger (Managing Director), Pia Kollmar (Shareholder) and Sophia Piechatschek Industrial Master Craftsperson / Photo: Thea Kipfmüller).


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