Donation to the children's hospice and a grand gesture

A total of 260 people currently work in the OeTTINGER Brewery in Gotha situated on the Dirk-Kollmar-Strasse. One of them is Uwe Kettner, a 56-year old fork-lift driver and a one-off. Among other things, this became clear two years ago at the Brewery’s Works Assembly in the Town Hall of his home town of Günthersleben-Wechmar when loud and lasting applause rang out in the hall as he was presented with his 30-years service award.

Once again today, his colleagues are paying great respect to Uwe Kettner, but this time for a different reason. The 56-year old is passionately committed to the Wechmar Leisure and Recreation Association e.V. – abbreviated to: the FEV. Together with the association, he organises the Children’s Festival in Wechmar, year after year, at which he combines the pleasant with the useful – by selling the brewery’s alcohol-free products and banging the advertising drum for “his” company. Ultimately the money he earns is then put to good use: this year to the Central German Children’s Hospice in Tambach-Dietharz.

The Chair of the Wechmar Leisure and Recreation Association presented the princely sum of €2,417 to Emanuel Cron, Fund-raising & Communication Assistant in the children’s hospice. This sum also included the OeTTINGER Brewery’s staff development figure of €1,500, for which Uwe Kettner had applied for this specific purpose. There were also donations from local companies and residents of the community of Günthersleben-Wechmar.

“I am an OetTTINGER through and through and am naturally thrilled when we can all help a little together,” explained Uwe Kettner on Saturday after a tour around the children’s hospice in Tambach-Dietharz, which is urgently reliant on donations. That’s also why the native of Wechmar made another decision that day: “Along with my wife, we both plan to help on a voluntary basis at the hospice in future!”

* The management of the OeTTINGER Brewery presents awards every quarter to members of staff who work as volunteers for a club or special project in their spare time. As part of this staff development scheme, the company presents €2,500 each quarter at each of the four OeTTINGER sites.