Donations from the OeTTINGER personnel development program go to children's and youth projects in the Braunschweig area

For a further time this year, employees at OeTTINGER Brewery Braunschweig had the opportunity to apply for a donation totaling EUR 2,500 for their voluntary work. The two delighted winners will divide the donation equally between them for the benefit of the young generation in the region. The money is going to the booster club of the Protestant Kindergarten in Wendeburg and the Budo Sports School in Goslar.Siegfried Hanisch (Technical Site Manager) is normally the one awarding the check, but today he is happy to accept the amount of EUR 1,250, which he will use to support the Budo Sports School, Goslar. The money will go toward the children’s and youth work, to pay for trips to competitions. As he receives the check, a very grateful Siegfried Hanisch says: “It is always an absolute pleasure to award donations to my colleagues on behalf of OeTTINGER Brewery for their voluntary involvement, whether that be the fire department or prellball. Today, I am lucky enough to be able to lend a helping hand to the Budo Sports School with a much needed financial injection.” The share of the money received by Iris Rautmann (materials management) will also help to get the younger generation moving: With her EUR 1,250, the booster club of the Protestant Kindergarten in Wendeburg will buy some popular and safe children’s vehicles. As he awards the two winners their checks, Uwe Berkhausen, Quality Control Manager, explains: “In contrast to large enterprises, the OeTTINGER Brewery Group remains a family business where volunteering projects are valued and supported – such as through the quarterly personnel development program. For me, this is a defining feature of a healthy and productive working environment.”

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The OeTTINGER personnel development program is always a cause for celebration (from right): Uwe Berkhausen (Quality Control Manager) awards the donation checks in Braunschweig to Iris Rautmann (materials management) and Siegfried Hanisch (Technical Site Manager).