Donations from the personnel development program at OeTTINGER Brewery Gotha go to a soccer and American football club

This quarter, the personnel development program at OeTTINGER Brewery Gotha takes on a sporting theme. The EUR 2,500 Euro will be split equally between two sports club teams in the region: The American Football Club Erfurt Indigos and BSV Germania Großfurra.At BSV Germania Großfurra, both young and old alike have cause for celebration: The EUR 1,250 won by Antje Drewes (dispatch) will be used to buy equipment for both junior and senior teams. With his donation, Heiko Nicol (administration) will help to purchase protective equipment for the youth team at AFV Erfurt Indigos. When handing over the checks, Dirk Stüber, Technical Site Manager at OeTTINGER Brauerei Gotha, emphasized: “Whether it be at the workplace or on the sports field, solidarity and team spirit are commendable virtues. Therefore, in this quarter, it is a particular delight for me to support Antje Drewes and Heiko Nicol in their voluntary work at both associations with the personnel development program, because sport brings people together and is an important part of social unity – especially in these extraordinary times.”

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OeTTINGER is big on team spirit (from left): Antje Drewes (OeTTINGER Brewery, dispatch), Dirk Stüber (Technical Site Manager, OeTTINGER Brewery Gotha), Mattes Fiedler (Linebacker at Erfurt Indigos), Heiko Nicol (OeTTINGER Brewery, administration) and Lucas Fischer (youth coach at Erfurt Indigos) at the presentation of the check.