Dr. Karl Liebl visits licensees in Eastern Europe

The support from our licensees is an important factor for us when working together. So we place particular emphasis on keeping in touch with our international partners and being there to provide advice. 

This occasioned managing director of OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH Dr. Karl Liebl’s visit to our partner breweries in Eastern Europe in April. On location, he learned about the partners’ successes and challenges, and also gave interviews with local representatives of the press. “Our international activities are extremely important, as our products already enjoy an excellent reputation and the market potential for German beers is high around the world,” remarked Dr. Liebl. “A large share of long-term growth will be overseas in future. This is why we support our partners and local breweries wherever we can–to ensure that they can guarantee the characteristic OeTTINGER quality and efficiency!”

Radomyshl (Ukraine)