El Dorado for hedgehogs, alpacas and much more: OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach personnel development program for Arche Sternenhof in Gößweinstein

The doors of Arche Sternenhof are open to all animals: Small animals, farm animals and wild animals – here in Gößweinstein, they are all welcome to find a new home. For six years, this picturesque spot in the area of Franconian Switzerland in Northern Bavaria has been the holiday home of Moritz Krech, Master Brewer and Head of Production at OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach, and his wife Bettina. During their stays there, they have witnessed how the dedicated workers at Arche Sternenhof provide the animals with a new, loving home. Moritz Krech was recently awarded a sum of EUR 1,250 by the quarterly personnel development program at OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach to donate to Arche Sternenhof in recognition of the selfless work it carries out to care for animals.

20 years of Arche Sternenhof: A success story

Ever since she was a small child, Sternenhof founder Jessica Sebald would spend her time lovingly caring for and training animals in need. In 2000, the first Sternenhof was built to give those animals in need of care a good home. It wasn’t long before Jessica Sebald found others who shared her passion and so, four years ago, Arche Sternenhof Gößweinstein e.V. was founded. Presently, the association has 26 members and 50 volunteers who together care for the welfare of the various animals in need.

Animals great and small, familiar and exotic – all are welcome

The purpose of the association is to help and provide a home to farm animals and pets, while injured wild animals are also nursed back to full health. Currently, Arche Sternenhof has 184 residents: These include small animals like rabbits, birds and guinea pigs in addition to wild animals such as foxes, roe deer, polecats, hedgehogs and squirrels. However, farm animals including geese, pigs, goats, ponies and cows as well as more exotic animals – alpacas, kangaroos and emus, for example – are also given a roof over their heads. In total, Sternenhof looks after 29 different kinds of animals in accordance with their individual requirements. The wild animals who have regained their strength are then released back into the natural environment, while the other animals are found new homes. Jessica Sebald, first Chair of Arche Sternenhof Gößweinstein e.V, summarizes her motivation: “Every animal that we rescue is a highlight in their own right.”

Next-door neighbors to their animal friends

For 20 years, Moritz Krech and his wife Bettina have vacationed in Franconian Switzerland. For the past few years, they have returned time and time again to Gößweinstein, where they have got to know Arche Sternenhof and its residents. Moritz Krech explains why he chose to apply to support the project by way of the OeTTINGER personnel development program: “It didn’t take long for my wife and I to see the love and care that the animals are given here. It is not uncommon for people at the association to gather in the middle of the night in order to take in an animal found by a hunter. We have made great friends here.” The association, which is funded mainly by charitable donations, will use the EUR 1,250 for the maintenance and modernization of the building.

Other winners of the OeTTINGER personnel development program 

In Mönchengladbach, two employees were delighted to receive donations from the OeTTINGER personnel development program. Alongside Moritz Krech, Uwe Winkels was also presented with a check for EUR 1,250 to donate to a project close to his heart. The money has gone to the Erkelenz aviation and model making association, where the common room will be extended and a youth section will be formed.

The OeTTINGER personnel development program – about this concept

Volunteering is no longer seen as a matter of course these days. It is therefore more important than ever that voluntary work attracts interest and is appreciated. Bearing this sentiment in mind, the company donates EUR 2,500 per quarter at each location to OeTTINGER employees who volunteer at local associations and organizations. These donations are intended to benefit the charitable initiatives chosen.

About the OeTTINGER personnel development program.

More projects supported through this program.

Thanks to the OeTTINGER personnel development program, the animal residents of Arche Sternenhof can soon look forward to modernized living quarters.
A delighted Moritz Krech, Master Brewer and Head of Production at OeTTINGER Brewery Mönchengladbach, hands over the donation of EUR 1,250 to Jessica Sebald, first Chair of Sternenhof Gößweinstein e.V.