EUR 200,000 for volunteering projects: The OeTTINGER personnel development program celebrates its fifth birthday

These days, volunteering is no longer seen as a matter of course in our society. It is therefore more important than ever that voluntary work attracts interest and is appreciated. For five years, OeTTINGER Brewery has been living out this principle, donating EUR 2,500 per quarter, per location to OeTTINGER employees involved in voluntary clubs, organizations and charitable projects. The personnel development program, which was introduced in 2014, has now become a key component of OeTTINGER’s corporate structure: “We place great value on social responsibility”, says owner Pia Kollmar. “Our employees go to work every day and time and time again, they give their best with so much commitment and passion. And many also give at least as much heart and soul to their private lives. We pay enormous tribute to such an attitude. Our personnel development program enables us to express our appreciation and give a little bit of honor to social responsibility.”

Let’s look back on the past five years:Since 2014, OeTTINGER has financially supported a total of 206 projects at its four locations in Oettingen, Braunschweig, Gotha and Mönchengladbach. The total amount is an impressive EUR 195,250. And it does not seem that it will end any time soon, as OeTTINGER employees can apply on behalf of their clubs, projects and organizations for next year too – and with a bit of luck, celebrate a pleasant surprise with their family, friends or colleagues a little while later, because 100% of each donation goes to where it is needed.

To ensure that things remain fair for all, the projects are selected via a lottery. Anyone who is involved in a project can apply. Employees can also make applications for clubs in which their spouse or children are active. Pia Kollmar explains: “Here at OeTTINGER, we see ourselves as one big family. And we live this out in our everyday lives too.” Projects which have not yet won remain in the draw. As a result, everyone has even multiple opportunities to take part in the lottery. If an application does not use the full donation budget, donations are automatically made to several projects until all of the EUR 2,500 has been used up. This enables us to support a wide range of different issues.

As well as a large number of sport projects – from football clubs to parasport and ski clubs, all the way to dog sport – OeTTINGER has also supported cultural establishments such as the fire brigade museum in Braunschweig and the Hainsfarth castle preservation society near Oettingen. As a result, over the years, we have seen an eclectic, exciting and fun mix of initiatives in a huge range of areas: Health and social care, conservation, disaster aid, children’s and youth work, carnival associations, community festivals and many more. However, unusual projects such as the Gothaer beer barrel lifters and the tin figure collectors in Lower Saxony were also among the winners. Pia Kollmar says: “Every single donation is a pleasure. Our employees are full of energy, they play an active role in the multi-faceted volunteering culture at our locations and are involved in social projects and the community. This makes us very proud and we are very excited to see which amazing projects we will be able to support in the years to come.”

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One of the most unusual projects: The Oettinger donation for the anniversary celebration of the Gothaer beer barrel lifters.