Portrait: The Krebs family


  • Site: Mönchengladbach
  • Department: Shipping/Export and Workshop/Bottling
  • At OeTTINGER: since 2004 and 2009


Stefanie Krebs: I work in the Export department making sure that OeTTINGER is shipped worldwide so that it can be drunk around the globe. My work is varied and interesting – with no two days alike. What do I like about working at OeTTINGER? Firstly the recognition that I have within the company and the friendly and informal working environment.

Mario Krebs: My work in the Maintenance section at OeTTINGER helps to keep everything running smoothly in the brewery. It’s an exciting job and I am always learning new things. I particularly like the diverse nature of my work.


Stefanie Krebs: I have been at OeTTINGER for almost ten years. During this time I have become very close to so many of my fellow workers. I really like the family-friendly atmosphere OeTTINGER provides as an employer. We are also an honest beer brand, which has always stayed true to its principle.

Mario Krebs: I have only been at OeTTINGER half as long as my wife but I feel just as much at home here as she does. I enjoy working for a company that operates responsibly and sustainably – as demonstrated by its “GMO-free” labelling.


Stefanie Krebs: What sets OeTTINGER apart? We have a very wide range of different beers, beer-mix drinks and sodas and are always moving with the times. Besides, they all taste really great. I particularly like drinking Original OeTTINGER Radler and Original OeTTINGER Glorietta ISO SPORT.

Mario Krebs: OeTTINGER is a very innovative brewery. Apart from our large range of products, from Schwarzbier to grapefruit-flavored wheat beer, we also have a strong customer focus, for instance with the OeTTINGER social media channels. But at the end of the day, naturally what counts is that the beer tastes good. After work I like to sit down with either an Original OeTTINGER Kellerbier, an Original OeTTINGER Urtyp or an Original OeTTINGER Mate-Cola.


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