Fruity, refreshing and alcohol-free: OeTTINGER presents product innovations for the summer

Summer is just around the corner. This year, OeTTINGER Brewery is launching a whole range of new top-class products. This is our way of declaring war on thirst and boredom, even during these times of coronavirus. Fruity, with the refreshing taste of summer and completely alcohol-free: From re-invented classics to colorful thirst quenchers, variety is certainly the spice of life in this regard.

Peter Böck, Managing Director of OeTTINGER Brewery GmbH, says: “Non-alcoholic drinks continue to be very much on trend are currently one of the most in-demand segments on the German market. For this reason, the focus of our new products for 2020 has very deliberately been on alcohol-free drinks”. With four new non-alcoholic products in environmentally-friendly reusable glass bottles, the brewery, which is active across every region of Germany, is strengthening its positioning as a full-range beverage supplier and enriching the traditional core beer business of the Original OeTTINGER brand. Peter Böck is more than pleased with the innovation campaign: “Our new products are tasty, fun and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors, before sport, after sport or even without sport. And, without giving too much away: We’ve come up with some real crackers.”

Naturally cloudy and alcohol-free Original OeTTINGER Radler: The 2019 newcomer reloaded

After the great success of the naturally cloudy Original OeTTINGER Radler last season, this year is all about “naturally cloudy Radler” meets “alcohol-free”. With a slightly tangy and well-rounded taste of oranges and lemons, the experienced OeTTINGER Master Brewer has created this non-alcoholic variant to be just as fresh, fruity and full-bodied as the original. The naturally cloudy, alcohol-free Original OeTTINGER Radler is available in iconic, stubby 330ml reusable Steinie bottles. For even more naturally cloudy, alcohol-free Radler enjoyment, OeTTINGER is also offering its new beer-mix in traditional 500ml NRW standard bottles.

Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Himbeer Minze: Pink retro-soda with a hint of nostalgia 

Having already included mango and lemon variants, the Fassbrause product family has now added the new Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Himbeer Minze (raspberry-mint). The fruity taste of raspberries and fine mint meets a light malt flavor and the purest brewing water. Upholding age-old tradition, OeTTINGER also brews its new rosé-colored refreshment using hopped barley malt extract. Fruity, tangy and not as sweet – and at 0.0% abv, completely alcohol-free too. Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Himbeer Minze can be purchased in slender, eco-friendly 330ml reusable bottles, available in handy 6-packs. 

Original OeTTINGER OeTea©: Peach iced tea from the crate

OeTTINGER is now making waves in a brand-new segment: Iced tea. Upholding long-standing OeTTINGER tradition, this peach-flavored iced tea is available in eco-friendly 500ml reusable bottles and in the classic blue crates: This is sustainability the OeTTINGER way. The iced tea also has a very special name: OeTea©. Very drinkable, full of flavor and with intense and fruity peach notes.

Original OeTTINGER Glorietta Apfel-Kirsch: The ruby-red fast-seller

For decades, the Glorietta product family, available in South Germany, has stood for tasty, affordable sodas and soft drinks. This year, the range is also to be supplemented by a colorful addition: With its deep red color, the new Glorietta Apfel-Kirsch (apple-cherry) is a real eye-catcher. This ruby-red newcomer not only has an intense cherry aroma, but with a fruit juice content of 12%, it also tastes especially fruity. Like the rest of the Glorietta range, Apfel-Kirsch is available in 500ml reusable bottles in the blue OeTTINEGR crates. 

For the love of our environment

With no frills, own-branding or additional packaging, OeTTINGER Brewery has a long-standing tradition of opting for environmentally-friendly reusable pool bottles and crates. The Brewery works almost exclusively with local raw materials and delivers directly on a regional basis from its four brewing locations across Germany. Short transportation distances represent another way in which OeTTINGER contributes to climate protection. 


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