The German Agricultural Society presents DLG Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to food manufacturers. All the award-winning products have to pass laboratory tests as well as packaging and labelling tests. The sensory quality (smell and taste) of the product is crucial in terms of a Gold, Silver or Bronze award.
The purity of taste, stability of taste, quality of the bitter, full-bodiedness, freshness of the product and foam retention are the criteria examined with beers. Only products that meet all the test criteria without any faults are presented with a DLG Gold award.
The Oettinger Brauerei GmbH submitted its Dunkles Hefeweizen Naturtrüb, brewed in Oettingen, for the DLG Test and was awarded the Gold award.

“Outstanding” brewing craftsmanship. Martin Lechner (Master Brewer, on left), Pia Kollmar and Frank Eisenblätter (Head of Quality Assurance) are proud to have received a further certificate.
Photo: Thea Kipfmüller

About Oettinger 
Producing around 930 million litres, the Oettinger Group is one of Germany’s largest brewing companies. Every year it bottles around 2 billion bottles and cans with bier, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks. The family-owned company, which has been based in the Bavarian town of Oettingen since 1731, now has a workforce of around 1,050. Apart from end-to-end quality control, state-of-the-art production facilities at four different sites, two logistics centres and company-wide environmental awareness, the company also endeavours to provide attractive pricing – made possible by efficient direct sales. Oettinger products are sold across the globe. The entire range of beer has also carried the official GMO-FREE” seal since March 2013 – in the spring of 2015, the “GMO-FREE” or “Non-GMO” seal extended to export beers.


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