Good development in the OeTTINGER Brewery in Braunschweig

Some 70 attendees took up the Works Council’s invitation to attend the Staff Assembly last Thursday in Braunschweig, a subsidiary of OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH. At the event, Marco Urban, Chairman of the Works Council, reported on the work of the committee and the developments at the site since the last meeting in March. His remarks were also accompanied by the Chairman of the Group Works Council, Volker Ackermann.

At the assembly, Managing Director Michael Mayer also reiterated the cohesion at the Braunschweig site and throughout the entire Group. He also took stock of the “OeTTINGER puts itself to a blind test” campaign. “We were the first German brewery to put ourselves to a nationwide blind tasting test this summer and actively invited customers to taste our own beer with competitors’ products,” explained Mr. Mayer. “The fact that we reached an impressive 27.3 million users speaks for itself. Our brand gained over 22,000 new fans during this time on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our video clips have been viewed over 1.17 million times on Facebook.”

Shareholder Pia Kollmar thanked all employees for their dedicated work. She stressed that everyone had to focus on a common goal to ensure the success of the company. Operations Manager Winrich von Bierbrauer finally presented the production figures to those present. Apprentice Shannon Luther reported on the event in Oettingen at which apprentices and trainees from all four sites had met up at the head office. This event was the first of what is to become an annual gathering of all apprentices and trainees within the Group, which the brewery hopes will further improve the transfer of knowledge and dialogue between the apprentices and trainees.

Michael Mayer (Managing Director), Marco Urban (Works Council), Pia and Ingrid Kollmar, Volker Ackermann (Chairman of the Group Works Council)


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