Gotha: 30 years of OeTTINGER in Thuringia

We are proud to announce that we have now been brewing in Gotha for 30 years! In 1991, we took over the former VEB Brewery to establish OeTTINGER’s first site outside Bavaria.

Flashback to Gotha Brewery during the 1980s

Since then, a great deal has happened: We built huge warehouses and brand new office buildings, and introduced cutting-edge canning and bottling systems. So far, we have invested more than EUR 100 million in technology and logistics of the site, transforming the small brewery in Gotha into the biggest and most cutting edge in Thuringia. 

In Gotha we now brew, mix and bottle well over one million hectoliters every year.

Delighted brewery boss Pia Kollmar says: “We are very proud of what we have achieved here over the past 30 years. Our Gotha branch has become a central hub for our business. From here, we dispatch beer to all four corners of the globe.”

From Gotha to the world

In Gotha, we now produce 30 different kinds of beer, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks in total, including exclusively our Original OeTTINGER Schwarzbier. Our raw materials are also regional: Most of our barley and malt, for example, comes from neighboring Erfurt. OeTTINGER drinks from Gotha are a huge hit; the numbers speak for themselves: Annual distribution has risen from 0.7 million hectoliters in 1991 to around 1.4 million hectoliters today.  

However, we don’t just produce beer in Gotha; the brewery is also of central importance to our OeTTINGER Group as a logistics center: With a fleet of 26 HGVs, we supply all of the eastern German regions as well as parts of Lower Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. And we also export a huge quantity to Russia, Australia, Japan and beyond. 

From Gotha to the world

Postponed celebrations

We were very much looking forward to celebrating our anniversary this fall but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we had to postpone it. If the situation allows, we will throw a party for around 200 colleagues, their families and local people next year.

In order that we could still make a toast in 2021, we in Gotha have developed a very special anniversary beer: The Gotha Pils with its iconic retro look, which has already been available for several months in local stores. 

Anniversary beer for brewery and district anniversary

Head of local authority Onno Eckert says: “We would like to congratulate OeTTINGER Brewery in Gotha on its 30-year anniversary and are delighted that they have found a home here in our district. Today, the brewery is not only one of the most advanced in the whole of Thuringia, it is also an important employer in the region, contributing enormously to the strength of the economy as well as offering apprenticeships for young professionals. In 2022, our district will also celebrate its 100-year anniversary.” And with a wink, he adds: “And we all know with which drink we will be toasting the event.” 

Local beer and bratwurst makes the hearts of Thuringers soar.


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