Gotha: Personnel development program supports projects in Finsterbergen and Sundhausen

School, sport and free-time fun: The most recent instalment of the OeTTINGER personnel development program at our Gotha site covered a whole host of voluntary activities.

Claudia Ritter was presented with a check for EUR 900, which she has opted to donate to the booster club at Erich-Kästner elementary school in Sundhausen. The school will invest the money in creating and maintaining a new website. 

Sandro Ostermann is donating his check for EUR 800 to the archery club at Finsterberger Sportverein e.V. The club already knows how it will spend the donation from OeTTINGER, with new bows, targets, arrows and backstop nets on its shopping list. 

Another EUR 800 will go to the Gothaer Bier- und Zeltverein e.V., a club whose members, including Jens Pflüger, all share a mutual love of beer. It is in the process of planning events such as sports and summer fairs in the Sundhausen district of Gotha, which is right next to our brewery.

Many congratulations to the winners of the OeTTINGER personnel development program in Gotha!

About the OeTTINGER personnel development program.

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Outstanding commitment: Claudia Ritter (Dispatch), Sandro Ostermann (Bottling) with the children and Jens Pflüger (Bottling) with Site Manager Dirk Stüber (left).