Gotha: Support for the next generation in Gotha, Sundhausen and Wandersleben

Investment in young people: Each of the latest winners of the donations from the OeTTINGER personnel development program at our Gotha site are investing all the funds they have received in the next generation. Between them, Michael Hoßbach (Bottling), Jan Daniel (Bottling) and Heiko Nicol (Technology) have won EUR 2,500 to spend on projects close to their hearts. The students at Andreas Reyher Elementary School in Gotha and the youngest members of the TSV 1869 Sundhausen and SV 1901 Wandersleben e.V. sports clubs are delighted to receive their funding, and already know exactly how they want to use it.

Together for the next generation (from left): Michael Hoßbach (Bottling), Dirk Stüber (Technical Site Manager Gotha), Jan Daniel (Bottling) and Heiko Nicol (Technology).

Michael Hoßbach received a check worth EUR 900 for Andreas Reyher Elementary School in Gotha. The school plans to use the funding for the expansion of the school yard: Soon, the students will be able to let off some steam during recess with a new swing and slide tower.

Jan Daniel’s donation will also support children’s physical activity: The sum of EUR 800 will benefit the youngest members of the TSV 1869 Sundhausen. The club is investing the money in new sports shirts for the children. 

The winner of the third donation from the personnel development program, Heiko Nicol, has also chosen to use the money to help his local sports club. With his donation worth EUR 800, the SV 1901 Wandersleben e.V. can buy new sports equipment for its youth division.Dirk Stüber, Technical Site Manager at OeTTINGER Brewery in Gotha, said at the check presentation: “Varied extra-curricular and exercise activities are incredibly important for children right now. Sadly, projects for these sorts of activities often lack funding. That is why I find it all the more wonderful that all of the latest donations from the personnel development program at our Gotha site will benefit the next generation and will result in a lot of very happy children!”

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