OeTTINGER Brewery history: From wooden lugs to blue crates

In the 1950s, our beer crates were made out of heavy wood, the glass bottles had swing tops, and the empties were stacked by hand as high as an adult can reach. At that time, the reuse system was already working perfectly.

Today, all our drinks are placed in typical OeTTINGER blue lightweight crates. We have no more than four types of bottles for more than 40 varieties and as a result, we also have only four different types of crate. It is reusability with no frills attached. And they can be stacked so wonderfully high that we now need forklift trucks for the job!

Before: In the 1950s, bottles were sorted and stacked by hand.
Modern day: At our storage facility, modern forklift trucks stack up to three pallets of 40 crates each of OeTTINGER beer at lightning speed!