“Greatest customer loyalty”: OeTTINGER takes top spot in the Handelsblatt rankings

With a score of 79.2 points, OeTTINGER Brewery has taken top spot for “customer loyalty” in the category of ‘beer’ in the rankings compiled by the business magazine Handelsblatt and the market research and data analytics firm YouGov!

A toast to our loyal customers: Cheers!

In its survey “Customer loyalty – emerging brands 2021”, Handelsblatt has for the first time highlighted brands that experienced a particularly sharp rise in customer loyalty over the course of the previous year, which was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. With an increase amounting to 3.07%, OeTTINGER also took 5th place here. 

The survey was based on the YouGov brand index, which measures the opinions of several thousand consumers in Germany on more than 1,200 different brands on a daily basis. The customer loyalty evaluation was based on the following question: “Would you buy products from this brand again?”

Further information can be found here.


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