Holy cow! A crazy bull's eye

It’s great being part of a club: Every quarter, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH awards €2,500 to clubs and associations at each of its four sites. We hope that this will reward, encourage and motivate our staff to become more involved in their community. Each and every staff member at the brewery has the opportunity to apply for an amount of money for his or her club. The winners are then selected by the drawing of lots.
Elke Zellinger (Auditing) landed a bull’s eye totalling €1,000 for the Lohengrin Munningen Shooting Club. Thomas Walter (Electrical) received €750 for the Friends of Fasching Festival Club, as did Mario Pfriem (Bottling) for the Oettingen Trombone Orchestra.
The Oettinger Brewery hopes that this campaign will underline the importance of a committed club and community life for society at large.

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Managing Director Michael Mayer (on the right) congratulates the three radiant winners