An innovative hattrick: Fassbrause Melone Grapefruit, OeTea Zitrone and Natur Radler

All good things come in threes: Having already satisfied the tastes of many customers last year with four non-alcoholic product innovations, two more thirst-quenchers have now taken their place on the starting grid. This spring, we are fielding a second iced tea variety in a reusable glass bottle and a fourth Fassbrause variety. What’s more, the Natur Radler is now available in a larger bottle. But let’s take them one at a time.

Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Zitrone: The second iced tea classic

Long-awaited but now finally here: The Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Zitrone. This newcomer joins our Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Pfirsich, which after just one year has been a roaring success, to become Germany’s second most popular iced tea flavor. The Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Zitrone fuses intense lemon notes with more subtle flavors of tea, rekindling your most treasured childhood memories. In its blue crates and bottled in the sustainable 500ml reusable bottles, the new OeTea© is immediately recognizable as part of the OeTTINGER family.

Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melone Grapefruit: Green and tasty

Fassbrause delights young and old alike, and is becoming ever more popular. Following the success of the Mango, Zitrone and Himbeer Minze varieties, OeTTINGER is introducing a new taste experience to the drinks shelf: The Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melone Grapefuit offers a pleasant surprise with its combination of sweet and slightly sour tastes. By using hopped barley malt extract and pure brewing water, a fruity, herby soft drink has been created that is totally unique to our brewery. The green eye-catcher is available in handy, sustainable six packs of 330ml reusable glass bottles.

Original OeTTINGER Natur Radler: Now available in large

Demand in the naturally cloudy shandy (Naturtrüb Radler) segment is constantly growing. For this reason, we have opted to make this growth driver available in another bottle size. In addition to the iconic 330ml Steinie bottles, the Original OeTTINGER Natur Radler is now also available in the larger, streamlined 500ml NRW bottle. So, there’s now even more room for 50% finest Original OeTTINGER Vollbier and 50% naturally cloudy lemonade packed with the taste of sun-kissed lemon and orange.

Last year (2020), along with its first iced tea, the Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Pfirsich, our brewery also launched the Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Himbeer Minze, the Original OeTTINGER Glorietta Apfel-Kirsch and the alcohol-free Original OeTTINGER Natur Radler on a turbulent market, proving OeTTINGER’s strength in the alcohol-free segment in the process.

Managing Director, Peter Böck, explains the 2021 new product strategy: “The resounding success of our innovations from the previous year shows us that we know just how to keep up with the latest trends and meet customer demands. For this reason, we are continuing to expand our product portfolio. No matter whether it’s a classic iced tea or an innovative Fassbrause – we are well ahead of the game!”



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