“I’ve always thought programing was cool!”

What exactly is a help desk? What is the relevance of data protection in terms of employee information? And what must you keep an eye on when setting up a company phone? Following her participation in Girls’ Day at OeTTINGER Brewery on 28 March, 13-year-old Sarah Nehmeyer now has all the answers.

Girls’ Day aims to motivate women to pursue technical and scientific careers – in other words, jobs which are generally regarded as “male professions”. If there is one area where this cliché certainly does ring true, it is IT. OeTTINGER Brewery was therefore all the more delighted to have a fresh intern, Sarah, on board in the IT department to mark Girls’ Day. Sarah is keen on horse riding, reading and the odd karaoke session. But she also finds programming really cool. “It was so exciting to gain a first impression”, she commented. “With my colleagues, I was even able to learn a programing language which can control a virtual robot!”

For the 8th grade student at Albrecht-Ernst High School Oettingen, getting the opportunity to work with her father, who manages the Brewery’s IT department, was also an experience in itself.  Sarah can’t yet say if she sees herself working at OeTTINGER in the future. “I can see myself working in environmental protection or in the homicide division. Or I could end up doing something that involves hacking.”

Sarah Nehmeyer (pictured here with Christian Fröhling) enjoyed her experience of working in the IT department at OeTTINGER Brewery on Girls’ Day.


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