"Jerusalema" Global Dance Challenge comes to OeTTINGER!

Dancing together just because it’s fun. Dancing together to show solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic. Dancing together for a good cause. These are just some of the reasons why millions of people have now taken part in the Global Dance Challenge to the song “Jerusalema” by South African music producer Master KG. The internet is now teeming with videos, with masses of participants all taking part. And now OeTTINGER is joining them!

Along with their Master Brewer Moritz Krech, our brewer apprentices from Mönchengladbach did not need to be asked twice to get involved. In fact, they decided to film their very own OeTTINGER “Jerusalema” dance video right away! Moritz Krech provided the inspiration and motivation for the video as well as taking on the role of director, while our apprentice Kevin Becker took charge of filming and editing.

From left to right: Dimitrij Boldyrev, Kevin Becker, Niclas Gotzen, Moritz Winderlich, Moritz Krech, Jonas Gerhards

Moritz Krech explains: “Our idea was, during these really challenging coronavirus times, to simply let all our colleagues in Mönchengladbach as well as the many, many coronavirus heroes in our communities know that they are not alone. We spent our free time making the video, which we hope manages to convey in a humorous way that community spirit and looking out for one another are a wonderful combination, both in and out of the workplace. We also wanted to use the video to encourage people to maintain social distancing, but always be there for one another!”

Employees donate their own OeTTINGER drinks to Mönchengladbach coronavirus crisis heroes

Our Mönchengladbach “Jerusalema” team have also been collecting donations from their colleagues: Those who like the video can donate some of their own OeTTINGER drinks! The donated crates of non-alcoholic drinks will go straight to emergency service and hospital employees in Mönchengladbach.

Dancing together just because it’s fun. Dancing together to show solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic: OeTTINGER “Jerusalema” dance