Personal matters:
Jörg Fritze is appointed National Sales Manager at Oettinger Brauerei GmbH

Oettingen, 22 July 2015. Since July, authorised officer with procuration Jörg Fritze has been responsible for brand operations at Oettinger Brauerei GmbH in his role as National Sales Manager. He is now also responsible for the Food Retail, Drinks Wholesalers/Drinks Cash-and Carry Stores and Field Sales departments. In his new role, Jörg Fritze reports to Jörg Dierig, National/International Sales & Marketing Director. Jörg Fritze, 51, has been working at Oettinger since December 2009 and up to now was Key Account Manager for Oettinger’s brand operations in food retail. He gained his first experience in sales in various sales roles at Eckes AG and most recently worked as National Key Account Manager at the Berentzen Group AG. Jörg Fritze is supported in this role by Kay Fabel, Regional Key Account Manger, Michael Preidel-Krull, Sales Manager, and Sven Karbowski and Christian Runge, Regional Sales Managers.

Jörg Fritze, National Sales Manager OETTINGER Brauerei GmbH

About Oettinger

Producing around 940 million litres, the Oettinger Group is one of Germany’s largest brewing companies. Every year it bottles around 2 billion bottles and cans with beer, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks. The family-owned company, which has been based in the Bavarian town of Oettingen since 1731, now has a workforce of 1,100. Apart from end-to-end quality control, state-of-the-art production facilities at four different sites, two logistics centres and company-wide environmental awareness, the company also endeavours to provide attractive pricing – made possible by efficient direct sales. OETTINGER products are sold across the globe. The entire range of beer has also carried the “GMO-FREE” seal since March 2013.


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