Portrait: Jörn Schneider, Bottling


  • Site: Braunschweig
  • Qualification: Apprenticeship as a Brewer and Maltster
  • Department: Bottling and Packing
  • At OeTTINGER: since 2009, at the site since 1987


I have seen all different sides of the brewery. Following my apprenticeship as a Brewer and Maltster I initially worked in Production for 15 years. Then I moved to Quality Assurance, initially as a Chemical Technical Assistant and later as Deputy Head of Quality Assurance. I have been Head of Bottling and Packaging since January 2011 – that was a major step for me. My experiences gained in the different departments help me enormously in my daily work. Together with around 50 members of staff, I am responsible for scheduling bottling, always taking into account sales figures and stock levels. We also check the correct operation of the machinery, compliance with GMO-free regulations and ensure that the plant is tidy and clean. Quality improvement is an ongoing process and, above all, means taking responsibility for your own work. This calls for creativity, not to mention being a lateral thinker. That explains why I spend a lot of time discussing things with my fellow colleagues and asking questions and why I am always open to requests of any kind.


During my time in Quality Assurance I have come to appreciate the importance of the responsible handling of products. Customers expect a perfect drink with a consistently high level of quality and a distinctive taste. That requires a great deal of confidence in our workforce and the certainty of being able to rely on colleagues. That works really well at OeTTINGER. There’s a really informal atmosphere in the company, we talk to each other as equals and deal with each other with respect. We communicate directly, quickly and honestly between departments. Should a problem arise, then you’ll quickly get the support you need.


I need plenty of variety and constant new challenges in my private life as well as professionally. As a child I played football for ten years and then swapped over to kick-boxing. A short time later I then took up stick-fighting. As luck would have it, my former trainer then became my bother-in-law. We have intensively trained for several years, towards the end training six days a week. I also ran the Berlin Marathon and discovered my fondness for knife-forging. I have had a bit of a sporting pause recently. Nowadays things are rather quieter and I enjoy going on canoe tours with a fellow colleague.


I have always really loved a good pilsner lager. Even before joining OeTTINGER I loved the taste of a good pilsner lager. Having said that, every now and then I try one of the other products from our wide range. And on the off chance that there should be no Original OeTTINGER Pils, then I occasionally drink an Irish beer by way of a change.


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