Portrait: Johann Dietrich, Master Brewer


  • Site: Oettingen
  • Qualification: Apprenticeship as a Brewer and Maltster; then qualified as a Master Brewer
  • Department: Bottling
  • At OeTTINGER: since 1974


I was 14 when I joined OeTTINGER and started my apprenticeship as a Brewer and Maltster here. Now I am Head of Bottling and look after six plants filling bottles, cans and casks. Apart from this, I also make sure that we have sufficient stock for order picking and shipping. My day-to-day work is highly technical and one of my key jobs is making sure that these ultra-modern plants never stand idle. That requires close cooperation with my colleagues from other departments as well as perfect coordination. This works well as we really get on well with each other. It’s a real pleasure when, at the end of the day, everything runs as we imagined it would. My work represents healthy stress for me that I would not like to do without.


I have seen and learned a lot in the past years at OeTTINGER. I have experienced how the company has grown – one plant after another has been built and put into operation. I remember one incident in particular: lightning struck as we were commissioning a new waste water treatment plant – I just managed to dodge out of the way and, as it were, live to tell the tale.

But it’s also up to me when it comes to new products. The product development process is never the same and always exciting. Above all, if the feedback following the launch indicates that consumers are impressed by the new product. However, we are never satisfied with that alone, rather we feel inspired to develop even more beer-related ideas. Nothing is too difficult for us – no competitor too great. That’s what sets OeTTINGER apart.


I get involved personally if something is not working in the brewery. I’m the same in my private life, where I’m always renovating or fixing things and doing DIY with a passion. I am also Vice-Chairperson in our shooting club in Megesheim and twice in the past have been crowned “King of Shooting”.


I love drinking Original OeTTINGER Export with its strong golden-yellow color and subtle hoppy taste. That has always been our best-known brand. Even in our region, Export has always been one of our most popular beers.


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