Long-term quality demonstrated: DLG award for the Oettinger brewery

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) awards its “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality” – Company continuously demonstrates quality in DLG quality tests.

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) has now awarded the “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality” for the 3rd time to the Oettingen-based Oettinger Brewery. The company is receiving the award for the quality of its products, which are regularly tested in DLG Quality Tests for beer.

Over many years, numerous food companies have had their products voluntarily tested by the DLG’s experts. The DLG presents its “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality” to promote this aspiration for high product quality. The award is presented annually to food producers.

The prerequisites for the award are clear: companies have to undergo DLG food quality tests for five years in a row with a minimum of three awards per award year. At the end of the 5th successful year of participation, the company is awarded the “Prize for Long-standing Product Quality”. Should a producer not take part for one year or not achieve the requisite number of awards, then it loses its claim to the award.

Ludwig Metz Technical Manager (left) and Frank Eisenblätter Head of Quality Assurance toast each other with the award-winning beer.


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