Mad thursday used for meaningful foundation work

The day known in Germany as “Mad Thursday” is used for meaningful foundation work
The Kollmar Foundation meeting

The founder and the person the Kollmar Foundation is named after spent his life combining Prussian virtues with the knack of celebrating events and fostering happy relationships with other people. There is no doubt that Günther Kollmar would have been pleased that the day known in Germany as “Weiberfastnacht”, when women rule the roost, is picked as the annual date for the meeting of the Advisory Board. Totally in keeping with the approach that the work of the foundation does not have to be dry and that the funding of young people should be organised with joy and enthusiasm. 

The Kollmar Foundation supports talented trainees and students in the Oettingen / Wassertrüdingen region with scholarships and hopes to use this funding to help the region by generating stimulus for business.

The Kollmar Foundation paid out €22,000 in scholarships in 2017. The application date for the 2018 scholarships ends on 31 July 2018. More information about the scholarships and application criteria can be found at www.kollmar-

Source: Günther and Ingrid Kollmar Foundation

The temporarily “mad” phone sales employees at the OeTTINGER Brewery welcome the Advisory Board of the Kollmar Foundation. From left to right: Hermann Höhenberger, Ingrid Kollmar, Christian Düll, Gernot Segner and Pia Kollmar.