Managing Director Michael Mayer celebrates his 60th birthday

Managing Director Michael Mayer celebrated his 60th birthday on 23 February 2015. OeTTINGER employees felt it was right to organise a special day for a special person, who has more than earned being honoured – which is why they presented Michael Meyer with a surprise party.

Under the directorship of Harald Hubel, a choir was put together for this occasion, which performed a birthday recital.

Pia Kollmar conveyed best wishes and congratulations from the Kollmar family of shareholders. The gift, a boat whistle, is meant to symbolise Michael Mayer’s good steering skills, ensuring that the OeTTINGER Brewery continues to be the “buccaneer” of the German beer industry, staying on the right course even in stormy waters.

We send Michael Mayer our very best personal wishes for his good health, success in reaching the next milestones and continued inspiration for the entire group of companies!

Happy Birthday, Michael Mayer!


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