Megesheimers take part in the European 5000 Adventure Rally

The Megesheim-based rally-practised BAVARIAN PATHFINDERS will start on 9 September in Munich with two vehicles and four participants (Peter Schöpf, Birgit Schöpf, Jürgen Hirschbeck and Dirk Brenn) heading for Amsterdam. In front of them lie 5,000 kilometres. The route starts in Germany, passing through Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain and Belgium to the Netherlands. 10 countries in 12 days.

Apart from the sporting challenge, the rally also has a good cause. The Megesheim participants will be supporting the Christian children’s and youth organisation “The Ark e. V.“ with a donation of € 500.

To make sure that the rally drivers do not “dry out” in the evening after a long day in the car and become homesick, Johannes Dietrich, Head of Bottling at the OeTTINGER Brewery, and himself a native of Megesheim, took personal responsibility for the supply of beverages.

“Charging their glasses” before the start: Peter Schöpf, Peter Quecke, Jürgen Hirschbeck and Johann Dietrich (OeTTINGER Brewery)