Mönchengladbach innovation centre: new membrane filtration system and GMO-free beer

Efficient technologies and the use of GMO-free raw materials in the brewing industry – these were the subjects discussed during a tour of the OeTTINGER brewery production facilities last Tuesday, attended by Bundestag members of parliament Udo Schiefner (SPD) and Dirk Wiese, Member of the Energy and Energy Committee (SPD). The reason for the latest visit to the Mönchengladbach site was the new membrane filtration system recently put into operation, which the company had pioneeringly introduced into the beer industry.

In the brewhouse in the Mönchengladbach brewery: (from l to r) Dirk Wiese, Dr. Karl Liebl and Udo Schiefner.

“The issue of sustainability has long been a driver for innovation, research and development at OeTTINGER,” explains Dr. Karl Liebl, Managing Director at the OeTTINGER brewery, on site. “The plant in Mönchengladbach is one of the most modern plants in Europe. With innovative technology and the processes we use in production, bottling and waste management, the production site is a good example of how German industry can operate in a resource-saving, efficient and successful manner.” Alongside the introduction of the new membrane filtration plant, which permits the gentle filtration and clarification of the beer with low energy consumption, in 2013 the company had also put into operation a waste water treatment plant connected to a biogas system at its Mönchengladbach site.

As product quality, transparency of ingredients and the sustainable use of resources in the production of food is becoming increasingly important for German consumers, Udo Schiefner and Dirk Wiese also discussed the opportunities and risks of the globalised raw material commodity market at their meeting. The German Purity Act and the certification of the entire OeTTINGER brewery’s beer range with the “GMO-free” seal by the Association of Genetically Modified Free Food e.V. were the focus of the conversation, in view of the modern brewing technology. With its “GMO-free” seal, OeTTINGER is the first brewery to offer guaranteed GMO-free beer.


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