Sustainable. Because that's the way it should be.

At OeTTINGER, sustainability is not just some token gesture, it’s something we actively live out. As we have done right from the start.
As a result of our commitment to climate protection, we have also been a certified member of the Umwelt + Klimapakt Bayern (Bavarian Environment and Climate Pact) since 2005.

Efficient and environmentally friendly production is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy, the OeTTINGER concept. As part of our “Fit for Future” internal energy efficiency program, we have also committed to progressively reducing our energy requirements for manufacturing, bottling and delivery. ISO-certified and with growing success.

  • At our facilities, we always work with the latest, most economical technology.
  • At our cogeneration units in Oettingen and Mönchengladbach, we produce our own, eco-friendly electricity.
  • The LED motion-sensor lighting in the bottling halls means that we need extremely little energy and in so doing save hundreds of tons of CO2 every year.
  • What’s more, we are fine-tuning a smart grid system and a method for more efficient use of gases from our purification plants in order to generate heating.

However, protecting the environment also means valuing raw materials.

  • We are scrupulous about regional quality – and this starts with sourcing our malts and hops.
  • We have also placed our entire range under special protection: All of our beers carry the GMO-free label that signifies particular product purity.
  • At the alcohol fermentation stage of the beer brewing process, CO2 is produced. This is then collected and used to carbonate our drinks.
  • The leftover mash waste produced as part of the brewing process, otherwise known as the culm, is given to farmers, who use it to feed their livestock. 
  • And we cultivate the yeast for our beers ourselves at our own four breweries. 
    If we produce too much, we share it around. Sometimes, it even ends up beings used as a base compound for natural cosmetic products.

With our four brewing locations in Bavaria, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, we work regionally across Germany. The main environmental benefit from this approach is short transportation routes, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of our beers, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks to your local markets.

For the German market, our OeTTINGER drinks are usually bottled in reusable glass bottles. We use pool bottles, which are standard designs without any kind of branding. In so doing, all other breweries are also able to use the containers for bottling their own drinks. And so, the reusable system serves its original purpose: The quicker a bottle goes through the cycle and the more often it is reused as a result, the more sustainable it is. Perhaps you have noticed the whiteish rings just above the bottle labels? The easier these are to see, the more frequently the bottles have already been used. We have affectionately nicknamed these traces “sustainability rings.”

We are especially proud of our regional “personnel development” sustainability program for associations and initiatives in the areas surrounding our brewing sites. Every quarter, our employees have the opportunity to apply for four-digit donations at every OeTTINGER site for their voluntary causes. Since 2014, this program has donated several hundred thousand euros to projects in a wide range of areas, including sports, health and social care, conservation, disaster aid, children’s and youth work, carnival associations and community festivals, as well as to more unusual initiatives such as the castle preservation society in Hainsfarth. 

However, generally speaking we are very sustainable when it comes to our employees themselves: It is not unusual for colleagues to remains with OeTTINGER for 20, 30 or 40 years – or in some cases even longer. It’s just family!

And it is with this family, with all its individual habits, that we love to work and together brew outstanding beer that doesn’t cost the earth. In order to continue this tradition over the centuries ahead, we conduct our business in such a way that ensures that OeTTINGER Brewery can definitely be passed onto future generations. In this way, our hope is that many more people will be able to always enjoy the very best Original OeTTINGER after us.

Reusable bottles. Together for the environment.