OeTTINGER Brauerei works assembly

Four members of staff awarded with the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Golden Badge. 15 members of staff were awarded the Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Silver Badge” for 25 years of service at OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH, and four were awarded the “Golden Badge” for 40 years of service at the Works Assembly held in Oettingen on 9 February 2015.

330 members of staff, the Board of Management and the shareholder family attended at the invitation of the Works Council.

The Chairperson of the Works Council, Oliver Bosch, dedicated his progress report to the growth of the company. Once again, he singled out the “family feel” of the company as one of its great strengths, a fact reflected in the major interest by the workforce in the Works Assembly, as well as its awareness of the importance of upholding traditions. The brewery’s “regular night out”, initiated last year, has quickly become a firm favourite with employees and the company hike was also very popular.

Managing Director Michael Mayer also delivered a positive summary based on 2013 and 2014 results. The 2015 annual budget for the Oettingen site would therefore remain at the same level at the previous year. “Everyone has played their part in this. These figures impressively illustrate the terrific job you are all doing!” Mr Mayer praised.

Although the situation in the German beer market continues to be difficult, the company nevertheless broke even, despite a slight fall in overall sales, Managing Director Jörg Dierig concluded. Overall, the OeTTINGER brand succeeded in defending its top spot in Germany, which it has occupied since 2004.

Managing Director Jörg Dierig continued by presenting the 2015 Communications Concept. A major milestone along this path is the company’s new website, which was launched just before Christmas.

Tim Lubecki’s speech was once again this year a fixed item on the agenda. The Regional Managing Director of the Swabian Food, Beverage and Catering Union (NGG) predominantly talked about the forthcoming collective wage agreement negotiations. At the same time, he pointed to the strengths of the OeTTINGER Brewery as a traditional family-owned company with its own fleet of vehicles, telephone pre-sales, highly motivated employees and low staff turnover.

The Management then provided an extra motivational boost to its staff. As of this year, the company is presenting awards every quarter to members of staff who work as volunteers for a club or special project in their spare time. To launch this initiative, €2,500 were presented in January to each of the four sites. The money, which can be allocated as a lump sum or divided into smaller amounts, is to be used to support sporting, cultural or even charitable activities.

The Works Assembly is traditionally brought to a close by honouring long-term employees for their loyalty – this year 50 employees with a cumulative total of 1015 years of service for OeTTINGER.

10-year anniversary: Uwe Döderlein; Stefan Eichenberger jun.; Markus Feldmeier; Siegfried Häckel; Bernhard Haas; Johannes Lutz; Hans-Georg Meyer; Bernd Michel; Harald Metz; Alexander Pollithy; Kai Schreiber; Joachim Schmalisch; Lorenz Steinhardt; Thomas Hartmann; Marie Schuster; Stephan Nerger; Astrid Jauernig; Manuel Dietrich

20-year anniversary: Gerhard Bonn; Thomas Eberhardt; Harald Havlik; Gebhard Heinze; Rainer Masche; Boris Markovic; Werner Schmeisser; Michael Mayer; Markus Schneller

30-year anniversary: Alois Braun; Thomas Hirsch; Franz Linke; Elke Zellinger

Group photo

25-year anniversary: Bruno Drohner; Achim Sebastian Eder; Hans-Jürgen Haas; Werner Müller; Gerhard Ortner; Klaus Schmid; Helmut Stark; Karl-Heinz Strempfl; Achim Welz; Sandra Schachner; Veronika Scheider; not shown: Erwin Seefried; Martin Gruber; Thomas Hieb; Hubert Haf;

40-year anniversary: Helmut Hertle; Friedrich Schürer; Günter Eberhardt; Edeltraut Dettmann

Also in the photo: Shareholder Pia Kollmar, Managing Directors Michael Mayer, Jörg Dierig, Dr. Karl Liebl and Chairperson of the Works Council Oliver Bosch.