OeTTINGER Brewery again ranks among Germany's “top employers for the common good”

For the third time already, OeTTINGER Brewery is one of Germany’s top employers for the common good, as revealed by the annual survey compiled by WirtschaftsWoche magazine in consultation with analysis institute ServiceValue

As part of the survey, members of the public awarded grades between 1 and 5 to a total of 2,138 of the largest companies in Germany. These marks were not awarded based on key metrics such as sales, market share and profits but rather based on the companies’ social responsibility and social commitment. The 1,000 top companies received the title “top employer for the common good.” With the highest rating of “very significant contribution to the common good”, OeTTINGER Brewery was ranked in 141st place.

Shareholder and Managing Director Pia Kollmar was particularly pleased to hear that OeTTINGER Brewery received this recognition yet again. In her view, it represents confirmation of the company’s approach to holistic social commitment. The personnel development program, which was launched in 2014, plays a significant role here. A total of EUR 2,500 per quarter is made available at each OeTTINGER location for employees who are involved in voluntary work. The donations benefit the associations, projects and organizations suggested by the employees. 

“It is above all during the hard times when unity, solidarity and responsibility really matter,” Pia Kollmar underlines, before adding: “It is wonderful to see that our employees are living out these values. Many are involved in voluntary work in their free time and it is a pleasure for us to support them in this.”Alongside the OeTTINGER personnel development program, apprenticeship programs are another key way in which our tradition-oriented family business seeks to promote social responsibility. For OeTTINGER, today’s talented youngsters are the basis from which a high-quality workforce of tomorrow can be developed. This is why we offer apprenticeships in the following fields: Production and Quality Control, Logistics, Maintenance and Business Administration. The high quality of the apprenticeship program was officially confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Swabia at the start of the year.

About the OeTTINGER personnel development program.

More projects supported through this program.

Thumbs up all round: Steffen Bluhm is just one of the many OeTTINGER employees to have already received a donation from the personnel development program as a “thank you” for their voluntary work. The OeTTINGER personnel development program is a significant reason behind OeTTINGER Brewery again being included on the list of “top employers for the common good” in Germany.


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