OeTTINGER Brauerei commits to the Bavarian Environmental Pact for a further five years

The Bavarian Environmental Pact organisation has been in existence for 20 years. Members of the Bavarian Environmental Pact voluntarily commit to active environmental protection, the conservation of resources and sustainable production, beyond statutory requirements.

On 23 October 2015, in a ceremonial act, the agreement between the Bavarian State Government and Bavarian business was continued with the signing of a contract by representatives from business community and the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection Ulrike Scharf.

OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH has been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact for 10 years and has now received its certificate for continued membership until 2020.

The brewery practises active environmental protection through energy-efficient systems and production methods, the conservation of resources and energy-saving and CO2 reduction through investment in modern equipment, such as the installation of a cogeneration plant in March 2016.

Certificate received: Technical Manager Ludwig Metz: the OeTTINGER brewery is committed to the aims of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.