OeTTINGER Brewery history: From horizontal to vertical beer

It will soon be half a century since the year 1972, when our first large storage tanks arrived in Oettingen. They were urgently needed as demand for OeTTINGER products was constantly growing. At that time, the tanks lay horizontally on the ground and offered capacity of between 1,200 and 2,000 hectoliters – that’s up to 15 motortrucks full of the purest OeTTINGER joy!
Back then, you had to crawl into the tanks in order to clean them! Today, they no longer lie horizontally on the ground; instead, they rise vertically toward the sky – and cleaning has long been automated.

The largest of our stainless steel giants (they weigh up to 30 tons!) have resided in Mönchengladbach since 2019. They are a full 30 meters tall and hold up to 3,400 hectoliters of the finest OeTTINGER beer. After spending many days at sea being transported by ship, the streets are cordoned off overnight as we install them in our brewery – a major operation which even requires that we notify the air traffic control at the aviation authority! 

Delivery of a large storage tank for OeTTINGER Brewery in the 1970s.
Investment in the future: In 2019, we installed a total of 16 new pressure tanks at our Mönchengladbach site – investment volume at the time: around EUR 10 million.
Showing what we’re all about: Cutting-edge technology to produce the finest OeTTINGER beer.


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