OeTTINGER Brauerei invests in its Gotha site

Together with representatives of the companies involved in the construction, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH today inaugurated the new empties sorting hall at its Gotha site. This marks the successful end of a construction phase that has taken just under two years. The brewery has invested €2.7 million in the new building at its Thuringia plant. “The construction of the new empties sorting hall further optimises the production of our beers, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks and ensures that the brewery in Gotha is really well positioned for the future,” explains Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of the Gotha plant. “It was particularly important for us to work with partner companies from the region – clearly the correct decision, as the construction progress has demonstrated.”

The modern building is now home to a bottle sorting plant in which Berka/Werra-based H. Leiter GmbH organises the sorting of OeTTINGER’s empty bottles. In line with OeTTINGERS’s philosophy, the new plant ensures a more efficient, faster and simplified production process. Whereas bottle sorting was done to date during the production process in the bottling plant, the process has now been separated from the manufacturing process: the empty bottles are sorted in the new building and reach the bottling plant just in time. The bottles can thus be quickly and effectively filled without any delays.

Additional offices and recreation rooms are located in the new building alongside the modern sorting plant.

Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of the Gotha, and Florian Fahr,


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