Anyone who likes to drink beer generally has a favourite brand. However, to what extent is taste actually influenced by this and does it remain a person’s favourite beer when it is tasted blind? Erwin Hopfenbach took up this cause to find an answer to these questions: 45 years old, married, passionate beer connoisseur and long-standing Master Brewer at the Oettinger Brewery. One man, one mission: He believes that Oettinger beer is all too often underrated – whereas it always comes off so well in blind tests. Erwin Hopfenbach is the face of the “OETTINGER puts itself to a blind test” campaign. With an in-house produced board game, a campaign tour across Germany, tasting campaigns and humorous clips in which he features as the leading character, the brewery is hoping to underline how convinced it is of the quality of its beer. Consumers are actively invited to taste an Oettinger beer and compare it with two competitors’ products. “After all, nothing is harsher and more honest that the judgement of a critical beer connoisseur in a direct comparison,” explains Erwin Hopfenbach. “I very much look forward to tastings that really stimulate all our taste sensations.”

“Our beer connoisseur Erwin Hopfenbach, outstandingly played by actor Nico Nothnagel, is a real ‘must-see’ with his cult VW camper van and the face of the blind test campaign,” explains Jörg Dierig, Managing Director of the Oettinger Brewery. “We considered either spending a lot of money on expensive TV and radio campaigns or letting our product speak for itself with our blind test campaign and Erwin Hopfenbach. The decision was made on the basis of our slogan; 0% BALONEY. 100% BEER.

from l to r: Erwin Hopfenbach, Jörg Dierig, Tobias Drechsel

Beer, Bratwurst sausage, Master Brewer: First blind tasting at a ‘Fan Festival’
The “OETTINGER puts itself to a blind test” campaign stars on Friday 29 July in the Swabian town of Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart) where the brewery launches the initial event of the Blind Test Promotion Tour. Erwin Hopfenbach waits on the market place with barbecued sausages, with several tasting stands inviting people to taste beers blind. “Box pressing” and “Crown cork golf” provide additional entertainment. The first 500 visitors receive free beer and bratwurst sausages, and are also presented with the “Master Brewer” game. The board game based around the taste and subject of beer, including blind tasting, was developed in-house for Oettinger and its blind test campaign; the well-known game developer Benjamin Teuber, whose company invented “The Settlers of Catan”, was on hand to offer advice. From August, the “Master Brewer Game” is also available in the online shop at the cost price of €4.30 – 0% COMPLICATED, 100% FUN.

The first video clip featuring Erwin Hopfenbach went online on social media channels at the same time as the fan event. A series of viral clips shows the passionate Master Brewer getting out and about throughout Germany to advertise the genuine taste of Oettinger beer.

New campaign teams will also be out and about in August and September in Germany carrying out blind tests with consumers. An overview of the precise dates and times is available online on the microsite www.oettinger-bier.de/blindtest. Every beer connoisseur also has the opportunity to set themselves the taste test and conduct the beer blind test at home with friends.

The Oettinger Brewery Editorial team would be pleased to provide the “Brewing Championship” game free of charge, on request. Please e-mail presse@oettinger-bier.de

Producing around 930 million litres, the Oettinger Group is one of Germany’s largest brewing companies. Every year it bottles around 2 billion bottles and cans with beer, beer-mix drinks and soft drinks. The family-owned company, which has been based in the Bavarian town of Oettingen since 1731, now has a workforce of 1,050. Apart from end-to-end quality control, state-of-the-art production facilities at four different sites, two logistics centres and company-wide environmental awareness, the company also endeavours to provide attractive pricing – made possible by efficient direct sales. Oettinger products are sold across the globe. The entire range of beer has also carried the official “GMO-FREE” seal since March 2013 – in the spring of 2015, the “GMO-FREE” and “Non-GMO” seal was also extended to export beers.


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