OeTTINGER Brauerei promotes staff voluntary work

The OeTTINGER Brewery launched a new initiative at the start of the year: For the first time, the management of the traditional family-owned company presented awards to members of staff who work as volunteers for a club or special project in their spare time. EUR 2,500 was presented to each of the four sites as part of the new staff development programme. The money, which can be allocated as a lump sum or divided into smaller amounts, is to be used to support sporting, cultural or even charitable activities. Since last year, OeTTINGER Brewery has not given Christmas gifts to customers or business partners and, instead, has opted to use the money to specifically promote its own staff’s social involvement.

Staff development is to become an integral part of the company’s corporate culture. In the future, EUR 2,500 will be available to every site every quarter. “Our staff not only play a crucial role in the future of the company; in their spare time they also take responsibility, acting as passionate ambassadors for the brewery and thereby promoting the positive public image of the Original OeTTINGER brand,” explains Winrich von Bierbrauer, Operations Manager at the OeTTINGER Brewery in Braunschweig.

Oettingen: A sum of EUR 2,500 was presented to Jürgen Greß for the Lehmingen-Dornstadt Sports Association to enable it to tear down and rebuild its clubhouse.
Gotha: A sum of EUR 1,500 was awarded to Jan Daniel (Bottling) to fund young up-and-coming players in the TSV 1869 Sundhausen team. Björn Martini (Production) and SG Friedrichroda / Finsterbergen / Ernstroda and Michael Rothlauf (Picking) and the Ebenheim Cultural and Partnership Association each received EUR 500.
Mönchengladbach: A sum of EUR 1,000 was awarded to Oliver Jaschke (Logistics) for childcare in the Muay Thai Duisburg Sports Association e.V. Furthermore, Jürgen Dörenkamp (Bottling) and the Lövenich Drum and Pipe Core 1951 e.V., Oliver Knorn (Maintenance) and the Lövenich-Baal Carnival Dance Sports Group e.V. and Jürgen Strieder (Production) and the KG Rote Funken Duisburg e.V. each received EUR 500.
Braunschweig: A sum of EUR 2,000 was awarded to Andre Kolar (Shipping / Fleet) for the Duchy of Brunswick Field Corps e.V. The award will be used to refurbish the coffin of Duke Friedrich-Wilhelm. Jens Krämer (Filter Cellar) was also thrilled to receive EUR 500 for the Wendhausen Gymnastics Brothers.

The second staff development round is already under way. New suggestions concerning a number of terrific projects are currently being submitted to the secretary’s offices at the different OeTTINGER breweries. Any suggestions that could not be included in the first round of awards can be included in the selection for the April award.

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