OeTTINGER brewery sets the course for the future, launches new products and honours long-service employees

The focus of the OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH Works Assembly for the Gotha site, which the Works Council had convened in Günthersleben-Wechmar in March, was on people and new products.

The most important item on the agenda was the introduction of the new Board of Management completed in February. The three new Managing Directors therefore introduced themselves in person: Dr. Andreas Boettger (Responsible for Engineering and Technology), Bernhard Wenninger (IT, HR and Finance) and Peter Böck (Sales and Marketing). The workforce then agreed the joint tasks for the coming months and years with Managing Director Michael Mayer. 

“Winning back lost ground and managing OeTTINGER as one of the most successful German beer brands in future” – that is the joint objective of the company management and the employees, which will need major effort on the part of each and every individual. Jürgen Martini, host of the Works Assembly, expressly welcomed this approach and, on behalf of the Gotha workforce stated: “We will do everything in our power to get back to where we once were: in the top spot!”

Leading the way will be new products, which were presented to employees for the first time and will be available in stores throughout 2018. 

The conclusion of the Works Assembly has traditionally always been dedicated to honouring long-service employees. A total of 22 employees, with a total of 620 years of service, celebrated a personal anniversary because they had been employed for a minimum of 10 years at the Gotha site.

Perennials: Group photo with long-service employees and Management.

OeTTINGER members of staff honoured*

  • 10 year anniversary: Katrin Cyk, Florian Fahr
  • 20 year anniversary: Monika Trott, Detlef Schwirtzke, Jack Detlof, Torsten Möller, Maik Bachmann, Hans Brückner
  • 25 year anniversary: Michael Rothlauf, Heiko Almeroth, Ullrich Kasperek, Ronald Hötzel, Rainer Krensel
  • 30 year anniversary: Diana Brand, Mario Beer
  • 40 year anniversary: Ute Czernohorsky, Sigrid Baumbach, Udo Liebmann, Thomas Körfer
  • 45 year anniversary: Gerlinde Herrmann, Gerd Frank, Jürgen Zaia

*For various reasons, not all long-service employees were able to receive their award in person.


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