OeTTINGER brewery supports people and sites

Regaining lost ground and managing OeTTINGER as one of the most successful German beer brands in the future – the target jointly agreed following the annual OeTTINGER Brewery Engineering Meeting. The meeting of the engineering experts was held last week in Oettingen under the slogan: “People and Sites”.

Generally these meetings deal with very specialist topics, however the most recent event focused on the overall picture. The shareholders and the new management presented their strategy for the continued success of the traditional family-owned company to the 43 engineering experts present: Four brewery sites with highly motivated and creative employees plus a clear conceptfor the company’s joint success!

A core message also goes out from the Engineering Meeting to OeTTINGER Brewery staff: The shareholders and new management reaffirmed that the sites will be reinforced to achieve the company’s targets to successfully help the company to grow. A key prerequisite on this journey is the joint definition of the sites by the new management. On the one hand, the four breweries are regarded as sites, as well as the current position of the market and company and definition of its status quo. How have we developed in the years gone by, what is our current position and how will be able to hold our own in future in a highly competitive beer market?

In the course of a comprehensive analysis of all departments of the company, the new management came to the result: “We are well placed, have a clear concept, modern equipment, strong products, a multifaceted range and, not forgetting, extremely motivated employees. However, only if we jointly succeed in expanding our strengths, recognising existing potential and systematically exploiting it, will be also be able to overcome the challenges that lie ahead!” was the opinion of the Technical Managing Director, Dr. Andreas W. Boettger.


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