OeTTINGER brewery trainees pass their final examination

All six trainees and two students at OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH have passed their final examination – some with outstanding results – and are looking forward to their future careers.

The range of training offered was very diverse:

• Industrial Clerks
• Machine and Plant Operators
• Brewer and Maltster
• Food Technology Specialist
• Professional Drivers
• Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Business Administration

After two and/or three years of working in brewing operations and administration, a whole host of teaching blocks at vocational colleges and the part-time BA degree at Heidenheim University, continuous training and independent work, everyone was able to demonstrate what they had learned and what they had in them in the examinations.

The OeTTINGER brewery is very proud that all eight trainees passed their final examination. The majority of the former trainees will also continue to work in the OeTTINGER brewery and enhance the company with their newly acquired experience, enjoyment of work and fresh, youthful commitment.

Job well done! Managing Director Michael Mayer (on left) and Engineering Training Manager Jürgen Reiß (on right) congratulate the OeTTINGER Brewery trainees on passing their exams.


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