OeTTINGER Brauerei works assembly: Family-Run character remains intact

 The company celebrated a double first at the OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH Works Assembly, which the Works Council had called last Friday at the company’s headquarters in Oettingen: two new products were simultaneously presented to the shareholder family, the Board and the 320 employees present: the new naturally cloudy wheat beer, OeTTINGER Weissbier 12 naturtrüb, and the alcohol-free soft drink Glorietta Iso Sport Pink Grapefruit. The new products will reach stores in April and were very well received at their initial joint tasting.

At the Works Assembly, the Chair of the Works Council, Oliver Bosch, looked forward to the next few years optimistically.

The shareholder family Kollmar emphasised that tradition and innovation go hand in hand at OeTTINGER. Looking back at the company’s history, it is clear that it has always met the latest developments with a great deal of courage and, in doing so, has always stayed true to itself. This principle would continue to be crucial for OeTTINGER in future as well.

“Colleagues we have a legacy to fulfil! It is and remains our joint task to continue the growth Günther and Dirk Kollmar once set the course for,” stated Managing Director Michael Mayer. He praised the workforce for their work and closed with a trail-blazing quotation: “Dirk Kollmar once said: ‘We do not wish to drive our employees in front of us – rather we would like them to follow us with confidence.’ This mantra holds true today as it has always done!”

Managing Director Jörg Dierig stressed that, despite the difficult conditions on the beer market, OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH continued to record solid figures. “That is due, above all, to the fact that we continue to be very well set up with our sites spread across Germany and our five divisions and that everyone at the Oettingen site and throughout the whole company is going a great job!”

The best proof of this is provided by the awards recently presented to the brewery’s products. The beers include OeTTINGER Hell, Kellerbier and Hefeweißbier wheat beer, which were presented with their awards at the latest German Agricultural Society Quality Test.

The latest video clips were also showcased – the consistent core message of which states: “OeTTINGER – A straightforward and friendly German beer brand!” The clips also produced hilarity amongst the employees present, as did the cheerful talk by Marcel Mansouri from the Food, Beverage and Catering Union (NGG), who introduced himself as a big OeTTINGER fan.

There was a consensus amongst all the speakers at the Works Assembly that the corporate success of OeTTINGER was due to the balanced relationship between tradition and experience and major innovation strength. Tim Lubecki, Regional Managing Director of the NGG trade union in the Swabian region, stressed this aspect in particular in his talk.

However, the colleagues who were traditionally presented with awards at the start of the Works Assembly, played a major role in the successes of recent years. There was a total of 1,050 years of service at OeTTINGER amongst the 50 men and women celebrating their long-service anniversaries this year. Twelve of them were honoured at this event by the Head of Human Resources, Mrs. Steinberg, for their many years of loyal service to the company.

Group photo with the honoured OeTTINGER employees: Front from left to right: Managing Director Jörg Dierig, Karl-Heinz Meloun, Shareholder Pia Kollmar, Ludwig Metz, HR Manager Dominika Steinberg, Pauline Seuster, Manfred Greß, Paul Maier, Ralf Erdle, Managing Director Michael Mayer / Back row from left to right: Chair of the Works Council Oliver Bosch, Dieter Zellinger, Dieter Hahn, Thomas Kapeller, Volker Sailer, Joachim Spurny, Martin Rauwolf


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